Wishes about the present

Aktualizacja: 5 kwi 2019

[English grammar lesson - wishes about the present // gramatyka angielska - struktura 'I wish' o teraźniejszości]

In the last vocabulary lesson, we could read that:

'The unfaithful partner wishes things were the way they used to be.'

and later:

'I wish you were nicer to each other.'

In the first example, the unfaithful partner is sorry about the present situation (his wife not talking to him, drifting apart from her) and would like the present state of things to be completely different. Similarly, the speaker in the second sentence is not happy about the fact that two people are not nice to each other.

When you regret (= you are sorry about) a present situation, you use:

I WISH + person + PAST SIMPLE I wish I had more money. I could buy a new car then. (= I don't have enough money) I wish you were here with me. (= you are not with me) Linda wishes her son could play the piano. (= he can't play the piano) Mark wishes he knew Cher in person. (= he doesn't know Cher)

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