"Will" for predictions

Aktualizacja: 16 lut 2019

[English grammar -talking about the future: will for predictions // gramatyka angielska: czasy przyszłe - 'will' dla przewidywań]

When you want to express future beliefs, opinions, predictions and hopes - like in the sentence from this week's vocabulary lesson - you use WILL + verb.

'(...) we all hope they will never fall out of love.'

You can add verbs expressing beliefs, opinions or hopes (e.g. BELIEVE, HOPE, THINK) at the beginning of a sentence, or words such as PERHAPS, DEFINITELY, to show how certain or uncertain you are about your predictions.

Most people will probably communicate with each other by email in 10 years' time. I think he will achieve success in his business. I don't believe that will happen.

Can you make your own sentence? Put it in the comments below! :)

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