[English grammar: whose // Gramatyka angielska: whose]

Let’s look at two sentences from this week's vocabulary lesson:

The US president co-operates closely with the American parliament, the Congress, WHOSE two chambers are called the Senate and the House of Representatives.

A chambermaid is a woman WHOSE job is to clean the bedrooms in a hotel.

WHOSE is used to show that someone or something belongs to/is connected with the person or thing that you have just mentioned (in our sentences, the chambers belong to the parliament, and cleaning is the chambermaid's job).

The examples above show you that WHOSE (although it contains WHO-), can be used both with reference to people and things. Look at a handful of examples that follow:

People WHOSE homes were destroyed in the fire desperately need help. We stayed at a hotel WHOSE name I cannot recall. I have an uncle WHOSE job is related to sailing. We live in a block of flats WHOSE walls are painted blue and orange.

Can you make your own sentence? Put it in the comments below!

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