Quiz: Does he love you?

[Short reading in English, with advanced words explained - love quiz // krótki tekst po angielsku z wyjaśnionymi trudnymi słówkami - quiz o miłości]


Loves me, loves me not... This is the question that has been puzzling women around the world since time immemorial. Well, you needn’t worry any more, as we have a simple quiz which will give you a definite answer!

1. At the weekend

A. he gets up earlier and brings you breakfast to bed.

B. you both stay in bed longer, cuddling

C. he asks you to make him scrambled eggs because he’s really sleepy

2. In the toilet

A. he always lowers the toilet seat

B. you haven’t noticed anything irregular

C. the toilet seat is always up

3. At a party

A. he never leaves you, not even for a split second

B. he spends most of the time with you, and some with his friends

C. you hardly ever see him

4. At the cinema

A. he often watches romantic comedies with you

B. you take turns deciding which movie you’ll see together

C. he buys tickets only for action movies

5. When you buy some new clothes

A. he is delighted to see you so happy

B. he doesn’t mind

C. he tells you off for squandering money


If you chose mostly A answers – he loves you for sure! Go ahead and marry the guy before he runs away!

If you chose mostly B answers – you’re really good friends, and there is a chance something might come out if it!

If you chose mostly C answers – sorry, the guy is not your Mr Right. Try someone else!


- since time immemorial – for an extremely long time

- cuddling – hugging each other

- a split second – an extremely small amount of time

- take turns – do sth one after another

- tells you off – criticizes you

- squandering – wasting

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