Opera evacuated

[mini lesson of advanced English - takes only 1 minute!]

The National Opera was evacuated yesterday, as a result of a hoax bomb alert. Everyone was made to leave the building instantly, without the opportunity to visit the cloakroom and put on their coats. This was especially painful for the ladies, who were wearing only lacy gowns and fancy hats. Although the accompanying men behaved in a gentlemanly fashion and lent the women their tuxedos, this did not help much, and most of the audience caught colds in the freezing weather.

Unfortunately, the opera is not going to reimburse the viewers for the show. The spokesperson has explained that - in case of such emergencies – refunds are not available.


- hoax – false

- cloakroom – a room in a theatre, restaurant etc where you can leave your coat

- lacy – made of light delicate cloth with patterns of little holes in it

- tuxedos – very formal jackets

- reimburse – give back the money

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