News: the thumb generation rule

[Short English reading with vocabulary // krótki tekst angielski ze słownictwem]

Recent studies suggest that adapting to the thumb generation will soon need to become an essential goal for both educational facilities and businesses. Classrooms will need to adapt to properly serve the needs of students who are plugged in online. Their ability to access information is far greater than any previous generation’s, which can work as a huge advantage in the learning process if schools are able to make use of this opportunity. Workplaces will also need to prepare for an influx of the thumb generation representatives, who will demand business conducted in an online, multitasking, interactive style. For businesses, the availability of cutting-edge, high-tech tools will directly correspond to productive and happy employees.


- essential – basic, indispensable, necessary

- to plug in – to connect something to an electrical outlet

- influx – a mass arrival or incoming

- cutting-edge – the most recent, modern and advanced

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