News: the new pool

[Short English reading with difficult words explained // krótki tekst po angielsku z wyjaśnionymi trudnymi słówkami]

The Mayor officially opened the most modern water sports centre in our city yesterday. Apart from a huge 20-lane swimming pool, it also has three slides, designed to cater for the needs of our children. Other facilities also include some saunas and Jacuzzi baths, not to mention a cutting-edge water purification system. Those of you who are allergic to chlorine will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of a good swim without the hassle of the irritated skin. It is estimated that more than a thousand people can use the centre daily. So, pack your bathing suit or your trunks and give it a try!


- a slide – a structure that children play on by climbing up steps and sliding down a slope on the other side

- to cater for sb – to provide what is wanted or needed by someone

- cutting-edge – very modern

- purification – clearing

- hassle - difficulty or trouble

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