News: Ready to ski

Aktualizacja: 18 lut 2019

[Short reading in English, with explained advanced vocabulary // Krótki tekst po angielsku, z wyjaśnionym zaawansowanym słownictwem]

Whether you’re a newbie or an old hand at skiing, being well-prepared for your holiday is crucial in letting you enjoy yourself to the full. What most people seem to forget is that essential preparations involve not only booking the accommodation and spending a fortune on cutting-edge equipment, but also getting in top shape before the season. Daily cardio workout, such as swimming or jogging, and regular muscle build-up sessions will help you avoid painful injuries on the slope.


- a newbie - someone who has just started doing an activity

- an old hand - someone who is very experienced and skilled in a particular area of activity

- crucial – very important

- essential - very important

- cutting-edge – the most recent, modern and advanced

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