News: Personal midwives

Aktualizacja: 16 lut 2019

[1-minute advanced reading, with difficult English words explained, on midwives // Krótka czytanka po angielsku, z wyjaśnionymi trudnymi słówkami, o położnych]

It is almost indispensable nowadays to have a personal midwife. With the maternity wards more and more overcrowded, pregnant women think it is impossible to get good “delivery service” without paying for it. And they are largely right – the Internet is packed with stories of women who did not pay extra, and were thus stranded for hours without anyone caring for them.

But few of us know the pitfalls of personal midwife arrangements. First of all, you have to pay the midwife even if cesarean section is necessary. So, essentially, the midwife gets paid without actually doing the job. Secondly, you are not guaranteed the service, especially in the case of national holidays. Ask any mother who had to give birth alone at Christmas or Easter, despite having a midwife arrangement. And finally – the price, which is really high.


- indispensable – really necessary

- midwife – a woman who helps with the birth of a baby

- maternity wards – parts of hospital where you give birth to a child

- delivery – giving birth

- stranded – left alone

- pitfalls – dangers

- cesarean section – birth by cutting open the woman’s belly

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