News: May 2nd

[short reading in English, with explained advanced vocabulary // krótki tekst angielski z wyjaśnionym zaawansowanym słownictwem]


The Parliament has just announced that is going to reconsider having May 2nd as a bank holiday. For a few years, this day has officially been dubbed the Flag Day, and the rank and file employees no longer had to use their vacation time to have the day for themselves. However, critics argue that this additional day off is detrimental to the economy of the nation. After all, Poland already has the biggest number of bank holidays in Europe – and the society seems to be demanding even more! More days off mean smaller GDP, and thus less money in the national budget. And what do you think?


- dubbed – named

- rank and file – ordinary

- detrimental to – bad for

- GDP – Gross Domestic Product - the total value of the goods and services that a country produces in a year

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