News: making lists

[Short reading in English, with explained advanced vocabulary // Krótki tekst po angielsku, z wyjaśnionym zaawansowanym słownictwem]

We are constantly bombarded by millions of pieces of information, both important and totally useless. If you don’t want to get lost and forget the essential things, you need to organize the information somehow. Why not make a list?

There are two types of list-makers, conscious planners, who make orderly lists, prioritize tasks and then methodically go on to implement the ideas and last-minute planners, who grab a post-it-note when there is no time left, scribble down a few ideas and then quite often… lose the notes :/.

The more you have to do, the more you need a list, whether it’s a beautifully categorized list (things to be done straightaway, important things that don’t have to be done immediately and things that you want to put off, but can’t forget), dozens of post-it-notes stuck all over the place or a personal organizer.


- a list-maker – someone who makes a list

- orderly – very tidy and clear

- to implement sth – to make sth happen

- to grab – to take sth suddenly/firmly

- to scribble down – to write sth quickly and carelessly e.g. because you don’t have time

- straightaway – right now, immediately

- to put off – to postpone

- dozens – a lot of

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