News: Is your phone life spied on?

[Short English reading with explained vocabulary // Krótki tekst angielski z wyjaśnionym słownictwem]

The idea that your PC can be infected with spying programmes, watching the way your use not only computer applications, but also, and perhaps mainly, the World Wide Web, has recently become a sad fact. But would you suspect the same when it comes to your mobile phone?

Well, nowadays, as more and more phone applications are created, there exists a perfectly legal kind of application which serves as a tool for catching a cheating spouse or keeping an eye on the children while they are away from home. Some years ago, it was only the authorities who could establish the location of an individual with precision – these spyware apps can do not only that, but also enable looking through a person’s e-mails or listening to their calls, and in the case of some phones, even turning on the microphone and listening to what the person is doing and saying at any time you wish. So next time you think it’s only you and your phone, think twice!


- to spy – to observe secretly

- a spouse – a wife or a husband

- an individual – a person

- to enable – to let, to make possible

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