News: hooligans

[short reading in English, with explained advanced vocabulary // krótki tekst angielski z wyjaśnionym zaawansowanym słownictwem]

Once again, the city is astonished at the havoc wreaked by football hooligans, coming back from the match last night. As usual, the pseudo-fans went on the rampage and did their best to demolish everything on their way, from trash cans, through lamp posts and park benches, ending with cars and shop windows. The police were, once again, helpless in the face of such brutality and thoughtlessness. Each effort to curb the hooligans’ excesses resulted in double violence on their part, so the toll of the evening includes over fifty police officers badly wounded or bruised.


- to wreak havoc – to cause damage or trouble

- to go on the rampage – to behave violently

- to curb – to limit

- toll - damage

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