News: buying votes

[Short reading in English, with difficult words explained // Krótki tekst po angielsku z wyjaśnionymi trudnymi słówkami]

Last weekend’s election will probably go down in history as one with the biggest scandals in history. Both major parties tried to ensure victory by purchasing votes. Especially the elderly were offered minor sums of money in order to cast their vote for the right party. Needless to say, the procedure is illegal for both sides. However, it is estimated that at least a few thousand voters have been bribed to elect a particular candidate. This event raises questions concerning the feasibility of traditional elections, and reopens the discussion on internet-based voting. It is assumed that – if all voting was done online – there would be less room for bribery and foul play. Only the future will show if this is indeed the case.


- go down in history – be remembered

- ensure – to make sure that sth happens

- purchase – buy

- cast a vote – to vote

- to bribe sb – to pay sb to do sth

- feasibility – whether sth is reasonable

- foul play – unfair behaviour

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