News: bumper stickers

[Short reading in English, with difficult words explained // krótki tekst angielski z wyjaśnionymi słówkami]

If you’ve ever been to America, you couldn’t fail to notice the seemingly ubiquitous bumper stickers. Driven by some kind of internal (or maybe external) compulsion, the citizens of the US feel compelled to decorate their bumpers with messages proclaiming their religion, political affiliation, attitude to life, or anything else. Some of the more witty examples include: ‘Honk if you’re horny,’ ‘Don’t worry what people think – they don’t do it very often,’ and ‘A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.’ And what bumper sticker would you like to have?


- ubiquitous – present everywhere

- compulsion – a feeling that you really have to do sth

- compelled – forced

- bumper – a long thin bar of metal or plastic at the front or back of a car, designed to protect it if it hits anything

- affiliation – connection with an organization

- honk –make a loud noise using a horn

- horny – sexually excited

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