News: an interview with a sherpa

Aktualizacja: 20 lut 2019

‘Today in the studio we welcome Jim Hammersmith, a sherpa from the Himalayas. Jim, what exactly does a sherpa do?’

‘ Good morning everyone. A sherpa is an adept mountaineer who serves as a guide to tourists at high altitudes. We know the Himalayas like the back of our hand, so travelling with us if much safer even for experienced climbers, and we are indispensable for beginners.’

‘Is this a well-paid job?’

‘Well, it would be a blatant lie to deny that we are paid quite well, but you have to consider that we put our life at risk on a daily basis, and that very few people can offer such services. But what really matters about this job is not the money, but the prestige and respect we get from our clients.’

‘Mr Hammersmith, thank you for your time.’


- adept – skilled

- a mountaineer – a climber

- altitude – height

- like the back of your hand – very well

- indispensable – absolutely necessary

- blatant – obvious

- on a daily basis – every day

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