Need doing OR need to do?

[English grammar: gerund or infinitive after the verb 'need' // Gramatyka angielska: forma czasownika po słowie 'need']

In the text about mobile phones you read that when the battery in your mobile phone is low, it needs recharging.

We are going to take a closer look at the verb NEED and verbs that can follow. In the example above NEED goes with a GERUND form of a verb (= ing). This is the case when you say what is necessary to do. Mind you, the subject of a sentence where you use NEED + GERUND is SOMETHING and not somebody. It's also possible to replace the gerund form in such sentences with a passive infinitive (=to be + the 3rd form of a verb). Look at a handful of examples:

The bike needs mending. = The bike needs to be mended. Your room needs tidying up. = Your room needs to be tidied up. My hair needs washing. = My hair needs to be washed.

However, if you want to express the same idea, but with a person responsible for a given activity as a subject, you use SOMEONE + NEED + INFINITIVE WITH TO, e.g.

John needs to mend his bike. You need to tidy your room. I need to wash my hair.

Can you make your own sentence? Put it in the comments! :)

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