Mobile phones

[English vocabulary to help you talk about mobile phones // Słówka angielskie - telefon komórkowy]

Can you imagine living without a mobile phone? The arrival of mobile phones has made things so much easier. You can look up the number (=check the number) in your telephone address book and call the person straightaway. If you cannot get through (=connect and talk to the person you wanted), because someone's phone has been muted (=made quiet), there is voice mail (=a system of leaving messages for users who couldn’t be reached) so that a message may be left on it. Problems begin to crop up when someone is out of reach (=in a place where the cell phone isn’t working properly), because you are likely to be cut off (=stop hearing what the other person is saying) every now and then, or when their battery is low (=almost used-up) as it needs recharging (=connecting to electricity for some time). You may also find yourself in an embarrassing situation when you forget to switch the phone off (=turn it off) at the theatre or church! Of course, if you don’t have a pay monthly plan (=where you pay a set amount of money per month), but you use a pre-paid service (=where you decide how much you spend by buying special cards), you will need to buy a top-up card (=a card which increases your funds for calling) from time to time not to run out of funds in the middle of a call. Some scientists also believe that long-time exposure (=the use of something over a long period of time) to the cell phone’s radiation may be harmful to users. The cell phone is a great invention but you don't really need to be on your mobile (=have the phone on and be able to accept a call) all the time, do you?


Match the words from both columns to make correct expressions.

1. voice

2. out of

3. recharge

4. low

5. mute

6. pre-paid

7. get cut

8. get through

9. be

10. top-up

11. look up

12. switch your

13. long-time

a/ phone off

b/ your phone

c/ mail

d/ to someone

e/ card

f/ reach

g/ battery

h/ a battery

i/ exposure

j/ off

k/ on your mobile

l/ service

m/ a number


Complete the questions with missing words and answer the questions for yourself. Put one word into a gap.

1. Have you ever forgotten to ____________ your phone before going to a meeting/church etc. and it started to ring? What did you do? How did you feel?

2. How do you feel about leaving messages on _________ _________?

3. Would you accept a job which would require being _______ your ________ 24 hours a day?



1. c

2. f

3. h

4. g

5. b

6. l

7. j

8. d

9. k

10. e

11. m

12. a

13. i


1. switch off

2. voice mail

3. on, phone

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