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Life changes

Aktualizacja: 18 lut 2019

[free English vocabulary lesson // bezpłatna lekcja słówek angielskich]

'Susan, what would you say was the most difficult decision you've taken in your life?' 'That's a tough question to answer. I'm sure I've had to decide about lots of important things so far. But there was one event which was like a turning point (= a decision that marked a big change) in my life.' 'Why?' 'Well, that was years ago, when I was still a youngster (= a child/young person). Being stubborn and silly then, I refused to learn French at school, which is why I didn't get admitted to university a few years later. So, that was a decision that had a rather negative influence on my future life.' 'I remember that for me it was really hard to decide to settle down (= begin to live a quieter life by e.g. getting married) and set up home (= begin living in a particular place) with my husband. I had enjoyed my life as a student very much.' 'Right now I'm about to make a vital financial decision.' 'Are you planning to move house or invest money?' 'It's quite close to the second idea; I need to make up my mind which fund I want to take out (= get officially) my pension with. You know, I'm getting older and at certain age one needs to secure their future, at least financially.' 'I'm not concerned (= worried) about such problems yet although I'm also thinking of a major (= big) change in my life. For a start, I'm going to start bungee jumping. Wouldn't you like to join me?' ‘No way!'


Decide if the statements below are true or false.

1. If you set up home, you build a house.

2. If you take out a bank loan, you pay it off.

3. If you secure something, you make it safe.

4. When you move house, you take your house apart and put it together in a new place.

5. A youngster is a very young person.

6. When you’re concerned, you’re happy.


Complete the questions, and then answer them.

1. When did you last move

..............? Was it stressful?

2. What was the last turning

................. in your life?

3. What ....................... changes do you foresee in your life in the future?



1. F

2. F

3. T

4. F

5. T

6. F

Ex. 2

1. house

2. point

3. major