Irregular verbs: swim

[English irregular verbs similar to swim // angielskie czasowniki nieregularne podobne do 'pływać']

In this week's vocabulary lesson, we read:

Julia swims about 3 kilometres every time she goes swimming. The past form and the participle form of "swim" are swim - swam - swum. Quite a few irregular verbs follow this pattern, in which "I" in the basic form becomes "A" in the past form and "U" in the participle form. Here are some examples:

- begin - began - begun (to start: "The concert had begun before we arrived.") - ring - rang - rung (to make a sound like a bell, a telephone, etc.: "My alarm clock rang too late.") - shrink - shrank - shrunk (to become smaller: "I washed the woolen sweater in hot water and it shrank.") - sing - sang - sung (to make musical sounds with your voice: "Bethina sang two songs at the school concert.") - sink - sank - sunk (to go down below the surface of the water: "The Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean in 1912.") - spring - sprang - sprung (to move quickly and suddenly in a particular direction: "I sprang up from my chair when the manager walked in.") - stink - stank - stunk (to smell very unpleasant: "His office stank of cigarettes and dust.")

Can you make your own sentence? Put it in the comments below! :)

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