Irregular verbs similar to 'wear'

[English irregular verbs // angielskie czasowniki nieregularne]

This week's vocabulary lesson says:

On the squash courts you have to wear white-soled shoes. The past tense forms of "wear" is "wore", and the past participle form is "worn". Some other irregular verbs that follow this pattern are:

- bear - bore - born (to give birth to a child: "He was overjoyed when his wife bore him a daughter.") - tear - tore - torn (to pull or be pulled apart, usually about paper, material etc.: "Be careful with this dress, make sure you don't tear it!") - wake - woke - woken (to stop sleeping, or to make someone stop sleeping: "I woke up early today.")

Other irregular verbs whose participle form ends in -n include:

- draw - drew - drawn (to make a picture with a pencil, pen, etc.: "My son drew a lovely picture of our family yesterday.") - grow - grew - grown (to become bigger or older: "Jimmy grew six inches last summer.") - stride - strode - stridden (to walk quickly and with long steps: "He strode up to me and demanded to speak to my boss.") - strive - strove - striven (to try very hard to do something, especially for a long time or against difficulties: "In high school I always strove to be the best student in my class.")

Make your own sentence and put it in the comments! :)

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