I wish you had come

[English grammar: wishes about the past // Gramatyka angielska: 'wish' o przeszłości]

In last week's vocabulary lesson, Aunt Lucy began her letter to Kate with:

'I wish you had been at Mark and Anita's wedding.'

We can actually learn a lot from this sentence: we know that Kate wasn't at the wedding and that aunt Lucy regrets it, is not happy about it.

When you regret a past situation, you would like something to have been different from the way it was, you use:


I wish you had come to see me at hospital last week. (= I was sorry you didn't visit me)

Stan wishes he hadn't argued with his wife. (= he argued with her and now regrets it)

My sister wishes I had helped her with the party. She was very busy. (= I didn't help my sister and she thinks it is a pity I didn't)

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