I love texting OR I love to text?

[English grammar: verbs followed by a gerund or infinitive with a small change of meaning // Gramatyka angielska: konstrukcje czasownikowe z -ing/ to do - z małą zmianą znaczenia]

Let’s look at one of the sentences from this week's vocabulary lesson:

I love texting.

LOVE is followed by a gerund in this sentence. You probably already know that when you want to state your real feelings about something, you can use verbs such as LIKE, LOVE, HATE + GERUND. In fact, you can also use LIKE, LOVE, HATE + INFINITIVE WITH TO for the same purpose. The examples below will illustrate this:

I like to get up early in the morning. / I like getting up early in the morning. She hates doing physical exercise. / She hates to do physical exercise.

Another use of LIKE, LOVE, HATE + INFINITIVE WITH TO is to imply that you think something is a good/bad idea to do, e.g.

I love to have my room neat and tidy when I start studying. Sheila likes to pay her bills on time.

You have to remember, though, that when using WOULD LIKE, WOULD LOVE and WOULD HATE you need to put the TO-INFINITIVE afterwards, and so you will say:

They would hate to live in the city. I'd love to visit Japan one day.

Can you make your sentence? Put it in the comments below! :)

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