I hate my boss

Angielski w pracy z humorem – Kasia Sielicka. Bezpłatna lekcja angielskiego.

5 marca 2020.

Temat lekcji: I hate my boss.

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Do you love your boss? Or is he evil incarnate ( = zło wcielone)? While most of us would like the former ( = to pierwsze), we very often get the latter ( = to drugie). I’ve asked you about your experiences, and I’ve put together the top 3 of boss types that you drive you nuts ( = doprowadzają do szaleństwa). So, let’s get started!

Number 3. A real know-all ( = mądrala)

Even though it is you who is ( = to ty jesteś) the resident( = etatowy – użycie humorystyczne) computer whizz ( = spec), your boss will always tell you what to format and what software to download. Are you the accountant( = księgowy)? He will know better how to navigate the balance sheet ( = bilans) and calculate the bottom line ( = saldo). Are you a sales rep( = przedstawiciel handlowy)? He’ll prove to you that your sales methods are outdated( = przestarzałe). He – or she – is a real know-all, knows all the answers to all the questions – before anyone even asks these questions! Beware ( = miej się na baczności)!

Number 2: A slave driver ( = poganiacz niewolników)

He’s always standing there with a whip ( = bat), which – sadly – is not used for any pleasure-related purposes… ;) His sole aim( = jedyny cel) in life is to make you work harder, and harder, and then some more. Working overtime ( = praca po godzinach)? Not enough! Taking work home ( = zabieranie pracy do domu)? More! Working weekends, days and nights? You’re still not doing your best ( = nie dajesz z siebie wszystkiego)! And what if you die of exhaustion ( = umrzesz z wyczerpania)? There are ten others waiting for the vacancy ( = wolna posada)!

Number 1: You do all the heavy lifting ( = odwalasz całą robotę), he gets all the credit ( = otrzymuje całe uznanie)

Have you ever prepared PowerPoint slides with your boss’s name on them? Wrote a report, which was to be signed ( = miał być podpisany) by them? Drafted a contract ( = naszkicowałeś umowę), which was allegedly ( = rzekomo) negotiated by your boss? Well, your boss is very adept at ( = jest bardzo dobry w) soaking up ( = wchłanianie) all the credit ( = uznanie) he can get, with a modicum of effort ( = z minimalnym wysiłkiem). Good for you ( = brawo), boss! And not so good for you, poor worker…

And YOUR boss? What are they like? Do let me know – I love horror stories! ;)

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