Grammar: very much

Aktualizacja: 16 lut 2019

[How to use 'very much' in English grammar // Gramatyka angielska: jak używać 'very much']

Today we'll take a look at a phrase which is often used for emphasis, 'very much'. Look at how it is used in the sentence from this week's vocabulary lesson:

My wife liked the name very much.

You've probably been told many times that 'very much' as a chunk has to be put at the end of a sentence and that the two words have to be used together, so you cannot say anything like 'She very liked the name.'

It's all true, but today I'll show you how to use 'very much' and put it in a different place in a sentence. When you want to use VERY MUCH to emphasize the action you are talking about, you may also put it before a verb. Look how it is used in context:

'He wanted to go there very much.' or 'He very much wanted to go there.' 'Josh loves all his children very much.' or 'Josh very much loves all his children.' Remember, the second option is much stronger in meaning, especially that 'very much' comes earlier in a sentence and you stress the phrase.

However, in a sentence like: 'I'm against capital punishment.' (so, the sentence doesn't contain 'very much' originally) you can use 'very much' to make the message stronger: 'I'm very much against capital punishment.'

Make your own sentence and put it in the comments below! :)

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