Employment contract

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[słownictwo angielskie - umowa o pracę]

Are you thinking of changing your job? Would you like to re-negotiate your current contract? If yes - this lesson is just for you! It's packed with English vocabulary to help you talk about working conditions and employment contracts. So, let's get started!

The company where I had been interviewed for the post of an administrative assistant has decided to hire me (= give me the job). Hoorray! A few days ago, I went there for a short appointment in the HR department (= Human Resources; the department which deals with recruitment and personnel). I was given my employment contract to sign. It is a contract for a probationary period of three months (= a short period when the employer and employee can decide whether they are a good match). It outlines my duties and my hours of work, and it specifies where the work is carried out, under whose supervision (= who watches over my work to make certain it is done well) and so on. Last but not least, it also states my remuneration, i.e. the amount I will earn. It details my monthly salary as well as the perks (= fringe benefits) which come with the job, such as a company-paid private health insurance.

After the paperwork had been dealt with, the HR lady arranged for me to meet my immediate superiors (= the people directly above me in the company structure), that is the two managers I will be working for. They both seemed very nice and eager for me to join their team. I was also shown the office where I would work. I was afraid it might be a stifling little cubicle (= a small semi-separated space in which people often work in large offices), but no: it is a huge room where everyone's desks are arranged in an open space. The floor plan (= how the desks are arranged) is quite sensible, so everyone gets to have some privacy. All in all, I had a very positive first impression of the place and of the people.


Match the words to make correct expressions.

1. human

2. employment

3. probationary

4. hours of

5. health

6. immediate

7. open

8. floor

a. contract

b. insurance

c. period

d. plan

e. resources

f. space

g. superiors

h. work


Complete the questions, then answer them yourself.

1. Do you prefer c……………………….. or an open space? Why?

2. How do you get on with your i……………………….. supervisors?

3. How long is the probationary p……………………….. in your company?



1. e

2. a

3. c

4. h

5. b

6. g

7. f

8. d

Ex. 2

1. cubicles

2. immediate

3. period

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