Presidential elections are held (= organized) every five years in our country. There are usually a few candidates who run/stand for (= 'apply for') the presidency. They launch (= start, introduce) their election campaigns months before the election day. They've got their spin doctors who advise them what to say and how to behave in order to make people vote for (= choose) them. When the election day comes, citizens all over the country go to polling stations (= places where we vote) and put their votes into ballot boxes. As life shows, it's not always the candidate whom the opinion polls (= surveys carried out to find out what people in general think about a subject) predicted to win that is in fact elected as new president.

More contexts for the new words:

They are planning to launch a new model of the car next year. (= introduce onto the market)

He held office of President for 10 years. (= was in the office, had the position)


Match the expression halves.

  1. to hold

  2. to run for

  3. to launch

  4. a spin

  5. to vote

  6. a polling

  7. a ballot

  8. an opinion

a. a campaign

b. box

c. doctor

d. elections

e. for sb

f. poll

g. presidency

h. station


  1. Use the words from Exercise 1 to complete the questions and then answer them.

  2. Have you ever taken part in an ………………………… poll?

  3. Which candidate did you vote ………………………… in the last elections?

  4. Where is your nearest ………………………… station?



  1. d

  2. g

  3. a

  4. c

  5. e

  6. h

  7. b

  8. f


  1. opinion

  2. for

  3. polling

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