Alimony battle

[1-minute lesson of advanced English vocabulary: divorce // Lekcja słówek angielskich dla zaawansowanych: rozwód]

Jessica Simmons, a single mum from Lancashire, has just completed another year of unsuccessful battle for alimony.

It has been two years since little Rosie Simmons was born. Her father, Jack Hog, was never married to Jessica, but he also never denied fatherhood. He claimed that he would help support the child – but that was before Rosie was born.

Since the girl’s birth, Jack has changed his tune, and refused to help the mother financially. When Jessica sued him and asked the court to award her the alimony, Jack started playing cat and mouse with the judge. Whenever a hearing was scheduled, he produced an illness certificate. He went on numerous business trips abroad, and he even started claiming that the child is not his.

In the meantime, Jessica and Rosie are struggling to make ends meet.


- changed his tune – started saying sth different

- playing cat and mouse – running away and catching

- a hearing – an official meeting in court

- struggling – fighting

- make ends meet – survive financially

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