A wedding day

[English vocabulary lesson about weddings // lekcja słówek angielskich: ślub i wesele]

Dear Kate,

I wish you had been at Mark and Anita's wedding! It was such a fantastic ceremony! I know you couldn't make it, but don't worry, I'll tell you all about it.

First there was the white wedding in church. Oh, they looked so beautiful together when they were walking to the altar before the ceremony started! Anita was wearing an amazing dress with a long veil (= long piece of thin material attached to a woman's hair) and holding a tiny bouquet of white roses (= a bunch of flowers arranged in a special way). And Mark looked so elegant in his tuxedo (= a kind of elegant suit). You know how I like weddings, and so I cried when they were exchanging marriage vows and rings (= promising love and faithfulness to each other). It was so moving - '... till death do us part.' (= a part of what people getting married say at the church, meaning 'until we die')

Do you know who the best man was (= male 'witness' during the ceremony)? It was Mark's younger brother, Jimmy, I bet you've seen him before. And the bridesmaids, all dressed in blue, were Anita's friends (= female 'witnesses').

When the ceremony at church finished, the bride (= woman who is getting married) and the groom (= man who is getting married) got into their car and all the guests went to the place where the wedding reception took place, out of the city. Everyone had a great time until the small hours (= hours like 2 or 3 a.m.). What a pity you couldn't be there with us!

I'm sending you a couple of pictures of the newlyweds (= a newly-married couple) and some from the wedding reception. I'll show you more when you come to visit me next time.

Love, Aunt Lucy


Add the missing letters to complete the expressions (the number of dashes corresponds to the number of missing letters). Then decide which of these factors are the most important for a successful wedding, and which are the least important. Explain your choices.

1. a beautiful dress worn by the br _ _ _

2. an elegant t _ x _ _ _ worn by the g _ _ _ m

3. lots of food on the wedding r _ _ _ p _ _ _ _

4. exchanging marriage v _ w _

5. a beautiful b _ _ q _ _ _

6. a long v _ _ l


1. bride

2. tuxedo, groom

3. reception

4. vows

5. bouquet

6. veil

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