A skiing holiday

Aktualizacja: 20 lut 2019

I've just come back from my winter break (= a short holiday). We spent 10 days skiing in the Alps and it was absolutely marvelous! It was the first time that I went skiing abroad, so I had decided to make all the necessary preparations a long time before the set off (= leaving). I had to get myself new ski boots and bindings (= the thing that connects your boots to the skis), as the ones I used to have were really worn-out (and no longer fashionable!). Having bought these, I just couldn't put on my scruffy old ski suit, so I splashed out on a new one. I did look great in the new accessories. Actually, I'm not the best skier you can imagine, I'd say I'm still learning, so when a friend of mine suggested I should try and ski without poles (= sticks), I ended up falling down nearly every 10 minutes. Anyway, coming back to the Alps, I must admit that I was delighted with their skiing facilities (= places/equipment provided for people): the pistes (= areas for skiing) are wide and really well-prepared and the slopes (= parts of mountains you can ski on) are not crowded. You can always count on snow and usually on the sun, too. Let alone the gorgeous views of snow-capped peaks (= with snow on their tops) you can admire while the ski-lift is taking you up the mountain. We all bought ski passes (= tickets) since we wanted to spend whole days on the piste. And so we did ... Skiing is so exhilarating (= very exciting and enjoyable)!


Give words/phrases for these definitions without looking back at the text. The number of the letters is given.

1. areas for skiing = _ _ _ _ _ _

2. parts of mountains you can ski on = _ _ _ _ _ _

3. the things that connects your boots to the skis = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4. with snow on their tops = _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _

5. very exciting and enjoyable = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Complete the questions and then answer them.

1. What was the most e……………………………. holiday of your life?

2. What do you usually do during your winter b…………………………….?

3. What time in the morning do you usually set ……………………………. to work?



1. pistes

2. slopes

3. bindings

4. snow-capped

5. exhilarating


1. exhilarating

2. break

3. off

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