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[English words about love // angielskie słówka o miłości]

Many people I know say that a man and a woman cannot be just friends. There is always a point at which one of them (if not both) wish for something more. An example of my friends from work is just there to prove the point.

Adam joined our team last year and clicked with Lisa straightaway (= they liked each other from the beginning). They weren't only casual acquaintances (= someone you know, but not a friend) or colleagues (= someone you work with). They became friends. Just friends? This is what they both claimed for a long time. However, one could see that they fancied (= liked very much) each other and were often flirting with each other, even at work. Before anyone realized, they were head over heels in love (= they loved each other very much).

At one party I was at, Adam confessed he had fallen in love with Lisa at first sight (= he started to love her the first time they met), but was not sure if she was also attracted to him (= she was interested in him).

Now they are a couple and we all hope they will never fall out of love (= stop loving each other). And to think it was supposed to be nothing but a friendship.


Decide if the sentences below are true of false. Correct the false ones.

1. If you click with somebody, this means you spend time chatting online.

2. A colleague is a good friend.

3. If you fancy someone, you like them.

4. When you love someone very much, you are head over knees in love.

5. A couple are two people who love each other.

6. When you fall out of love, your relationship ends.


Use the pictures to complete the questions. Then answer the questions.

1. Do you believe in love at first ...................................... ? Why/ why not?

2. Have you ever been head over ...................................... in love? How does it feel?

3. When did you last ...................................... with someone straightaway? Did you remain good friends?


Ex. 1

1. False – you get to like them

2. False – it’s someone you work with

3. True

4. False – head over heels

5. True

6. True

Ex. 2

1. sight

2. heels

3. click

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