Aktualizacja: 20 lut 2019

In our weekly lesson (available here: https://www.anglonomicon.pl/5-minutowe-lekcje/unusual-jobs) we read:

"We usually take into account traditional alternatives, e.g. the positions of a teacher, a manager, or various office occupations."

What does e.g. mean? It is short for Latin "exempli gratia" and it means: for the sake of example, for example:

"He loves sugar in any form, e.g. cookies, candy, soft drinks, anything you can think of that is sweet.

You should eat more food that contains a lot of fibre, e.g. fruit, vegetables and wholemeal bread."

And how to read it? Like two separate letters of the alphabet: "EEE GEEE". It rhymes with Fiji :).

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